Mac Pro Tower (intel) running OSX and Windows
AVID Pro Tools 10/11 HD w/ Native Core
UAD 2/Quad DSP
Slate Raven MTi Touch Screen Controller


Alesis ML-9600
Apogee MiniDAC
Apogee Rosetta 200 A/D D/A
Apogee Big Ben Master Clock
Avid HD I/O 16x16 Analog (black face)
Digidesign 192 I/O 8x8x8
Sony DAT
Tascam DA88


AEA RPQ-500 Preamp (2)
API® 312 Preamp Clone 4 Channel (2 x 2520 & 2 x 918)*
API® 312 Preamp Clone 2 Channel w/ DI (2 x 918)*
APP Studio Ing. MA-1 Germanium Preamp w/ DI (2)*
Hairball Audio "LOLA" (2)*
Joe Meek VC1 Preamp w/ Opto Compressor
Neve® 1290 Preamp Clone 8 Channel*
Neve® 1073 Preamp Clone (2)*
Universal Audio LA610-MkII Tube Preamp
Universal Audio 610 Solo Preamp/DI


AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon
AKG C1000s (2)
AKG C418 (2)
AKG D112 (2)
AKG P170 (2)
AKG C12*
Audix D2 (2)
Austin Ribbon Mic (w. Cinemag transformer)*
dBx Omni Reference
Electro Voice RE-20
MikTek PM10
Mojave Audio M-301 FET
MXL V79 Condenser
MXL 600 SD Condenser (2)
Peluso 2247SE (U47 Clone)
RCA 74B Ribbon
Reslo MR1 Ribbon
Royer 121 Ribbon
Royer Tube Mod Condenser (2) *
RØde NTK Tube Condenser
RØde NT1 (original)
Sennheiser MD21 (MC1 Vintage)
Sennheiser 421 mk ii
Sennheiser 421-N (Vintage)
Sennheiser 421-HN (Vintage script logo)
Sennheiser 441
Sennheiser e906
Shure 5575LE
Shure Beta 52
Shure KSM 44
Shure KSM 32
Shure SM7B
Shure SM57 (2)
Shure SM57TL Mod
Shure SM58
Shure SM81
Shure SM98 (2)
Shure Beta 58
Shure 16A
Custom Built Clone of the original Neumann U87*


1176 rev A Clone*
1176 rev D Clone*
dBx 160 "VU" Vintage Compressor Clone 2 Ch *
dBx 163A
dBx 560A
dBx Drive Rack Studio
Harrison Filters (8)*
HDD M-S Encoder/Decoder*
Pultec EQP-1A Clone by Gyraf*
Quad Eight EQ(2)
Radial Tank Driver
Serpent Audio SA-3A (LA-3A Clone) 2 Ch *
Serpent Audio SB4000 (Modded SSL® G Bus Style Compressor)*
Serpent Audio SB4001 (500 Series Modded SSL® G Bus Style Compressor)*
TB Audio TBDD (Roland Dimension D clone)*
Teletronix LA2a (2)*
Tube DI (2)*
PYE Compressor (2)*
UREI 530 Graphic EQ
UREI 535 Graphic EQ
LaFont Cinema Filters (2)


Alesis QSR Synth Module
Akai EWIusb
Fatar/Studio Logic SL990 (88 weighted key)
Korg Monologue
Korg Volca Kick
Korg T3 (61 key)
Moog Sub Phatty
Native Instruments Maschine Studio
Native Instruments Kontrol 88 (88 weighted key)
Roland XV5050 Synth Module
Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer
Roland VP-03 Vocoder
Roland SH-01A

Guitar/Bass Equipment

Cordoba C5 Nylon Acoustic
Fender Stratocaster w/Lace Gold Pickups
Fender Telecaster
Fender Jazz Bass
Fender Precision Bass
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Ibanez Artwood Maple Top Acoustic
Ibanez Artwood Acoustic/Electric Bass (4 str)
Ibanez RG Series (6 str)
Ibanez RG Series (7 str)
Ibanez S Series (7 str)
Ibanez RG Series w/EMG Pickups (7 str)
Ibanez Custom SR1200 Bass w/EMG Pickups (4 str)
Ibanez Custom TR Series Fretless Bass (4 str)
Jackson "V"
Palatino Electric Upright Bass
Vintage A Style Mandolin
Woody Phifer Custom Bass w/Bartolini Pickups (5 str)

Marshall 9100 Tube Power Amplifier (2ch)
Mesa Boogie 2x12 Cab
Egnater Tweaker Tube Amp
Egnater 112X 1x12" Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker
Orange Dark Terror Tube Amp
Vox Wah (modded)
Dunlop Cry Baby Wah (modded)
Custom Built Tube Screamer Modded Pedal
Line6 POD XT Pro
Mesa Boogie Studio Pre
Mesa Boogie 2x12
Gallian Kreuger 1001mkII Bass Amp
SansAmp RBI
Ampeg 410h Cab
Hartke 410XL Cab


Roland V-Drum (5pc 2 crash, hat & ride)
Tama 14x3.5 Maple Snare
Ludwig Vintage Snare Drum
Pearl Brass Free Floating Snares
Gretsch Catalina Birch Snare
PDP 13" Snare
Sabian Cymbals
Various Hardware
(Profession drum kits may be rented, and drummers are welcome to bring their own kit. There is no charge for setup/breakdown)

Plugins By

Universal Audio UAD2 Platform
Native Instruments
East West
Steven Slate
Sound Toys
Trillium Lane Labs
Recabinet (Kazrog)
And much more!


JBL Monitors
AKG K240 (4)
Audio Technica
Extreme Isolation
Sony (2)

* = Equipment Made at MEI Studio
All software and hardware not made in-house, is purchased though

All logos/names are copyright and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

All software and plug-ins are licensed and registered - no warez, cracks, hacks etc. As code developers ourselves, we recognize the hard work that goes into programming and strive to maintain the legitimacy and integrity of everything we bring into the recording studio.