So you've completed your project. The tracks are perfect, the mix is great but you need that final piece to bring it all together and make it competitive. Mastering is that thing!

With recording hardware and software easily attainable by just about anyone these days, there is that one thing that still separates the amateurs from the pros. Mastering still has this pseudo-mystique to it that not many people truly understand. It's not simply just making your tracks LOUDER, there is a LOT more to it. There is balancing the tracks EQ so that it sounds good just about everywhere you play it. Theres correcting "problems" that might not have been caught during mixing, where it may not be possible to go back and fix. Most importantly, its balancing levels from track to track on your project so that all the cuts sound cohesive from one song to another. Lastly there are fades and pauses that need to be added so that each track ends correctly and either pauses before , or flows right into the next track.

MEI Studio is setup for tracking and mixing, not for mastering. Which is why we send our masters out to one of our partnering mastering houses. Even if you didn't record your project with us, we offer free data storage and digital delivery service to our mastering houses, and usually quicker turnaround times than you might get if you went to the mastering houses directly. In addition, we receive the final masters and burn your PMCD with embedded ISRC codes (needed for digital distribution on iTunes and other on-line distributors) and any other information that might need to be embedded, such as bar code information and album/track information.

Since we use multiple mastering houses, rates and availability may vary. Contact us for more information or to schedule a project to be mastered.